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Cleanliness is Crucial to Patient Care


The United States has one of the largest medical and healthcare industries in the world, followed by Switzerland and Germany. The U.S. medical industry comprises of more than 750,000 physicians and 5,200 hospitals. Approximately 3.8 million inpatient visits and 20 million outpatients visit occur on a daily basis. 1

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 With so many healthcare options for patients, cleanliness is crucial within a medical facility. Help patients feel comfortable and secure by providing a clean, safe environment while they are cared for. Reduce risk for staff by sanitizing and disinfecting your facility thoroughly and completely.

RovinGreen offers sustainable and economical solutions to the healthcare industry to effectively maintain sanitary and healthy environments for patients and employees. Applications include the sterilization and disinfection of the following:

  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Patient rooms
  • Laundry
  • General surface cleaning
  • Food processing areas

Additionally, RovinGreen offers a sustainable and economical solution for on-site biowaste disposal saving up to 90% bulk reduction and significantly reducing costs.

Advantage 03 Point of Use Ozone Generator


PathoSans Electrolyzed Water System

Cleaning and sanitizing electrolyzed water applications exceed the applications supported by chemical solutions because electrolyzed water is completely non-toxic and can be used in places where chemicals cannot.

You can now have a safe, effective way to sanitize patient areas and confidently eliminate all toxic chemicals creating a safe, sustainable and non-toxic cleaning operation throughout your facilities. Read More 


STI Series 2000™ Medical Waste Treatment System

The system of choice for healthcare institutions that appreciate the simplicity of use, cost savings and risk reduction associated with this approved process of quality on-site treatment.

  • Available on demand, ready to operate without heat-up time
  • No post shredding required
  • Integral shredding applies live steam impingement to the homogeneous waste stream

• Treated waste volume is reduced by up to 90%, producing a lightweight, inexpensive, solid municipal waste, minimal landfill impact and no soil, water or air pollution.