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Food Processing

Safe and Sanitary Food Preparation

Food-borne illnesses are prevalent all over the world. Acute food-borne disease infections and intoxications are much more of a concern to governments and the food industry today than a few decades ago. Today, food chains are becoming complicated in handling, processing, transportation, and storage ensuring a safe food supply becomes a challenge task.1

Improve your kitchen safety and working environment for workers by making sure foods are handled and sanitized properly under the proper guidelines.

RovinGreen offers sustainable and economical solutions to ensure food and food preparation areas are clean and sanitary. Applications include the sterilization and disinfection of the following:

  • Food preparation areas
  • Vegetable wash
  • Seafood wash
  • Poultry and meat wash
  • Food processing equipment


Advantage 03 POU Ozone Generator


PathoSans Electrolyzed Water System

Use the PathoSans Electrolyzed Water System on anything in your food preparation areas that needs to be bacteria and virus free. Electrolyzed water can be used on any food product or food preparation surface without rinsing with tap water.

Tests conducted by faculty in the Department of Food Science and Technology at The University of Georgia proved that treating cutting boards with electrolyzed water which were inoculated with E. Coli O157:H7 reduced populations of both pathogens by a 5.0 log CFU (“Colony Forming Units”) /100cm. In the same study, Listeria monocytogenes biofilms on stainless steel surfaces were reduced by 9 log cycles when exposed to electrolyzed water for 300 seconds. This indicates that electrolyzed water can be effective in eliminating biofilms in vegetable spray systems and in ice machines.¹

Application of electrolyzed water in the food industry, August 2007