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Schools & Universities

Sustainability is a Smart Solution

Educational facilities are under continuous pressure to maintain a clean, healthy, bright environment for students and faculty using more sustainable technologies. With a constant stream of traffic in hallways and common areas, this can be a challenging task.

The importance of using sustainable solutions is key for all types of educational facilities but especially so within K-12 schools. Using effective alternatives to harsh chemicals benefits children with health conditions such as asthma or allergies and creates a better environment for learning. Studies show that increased learning leads to higher test scores which translate to increased state and federal funding – a smart end result.

RovinGreen offers sustainable and economical solutions to maintain healthy educational facilities. Applications within the educational market include the sterilization and disinfection of the following:

  • Classroom surfaces (ie. desks, doors, etc.)
  • Lockers
  • Common areas such as hallways, restrooms and cafeteria


Advantage 03 Point of Use Ozone Generator

PathoSans Electrolyzed Water System