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About David Krause, President

David J. Krause, president of RovinGreen, LLC, oversees all U.S. based and global business operations for the international sourcing and distribution firm. His product and customer experience encompasses all aspect of business including design manufacturing, sourcing and servicing of complex products on a global scale.

Krause also serves as a product and market development consultant for PathoSans, LLC, a subsidiary of Spraying Systems Co., a global supplier of industrial spray nozzles and automated spraying systems.

Prior to becoming president of RovinGreen, Krause held the role of president and COO of LDV, Inc, for more than 30 years. Under his leadership, LDV led the emergency response and specialty vehicle market in quality and technological advances and grew from a Greenfield to a $70M company.

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David J. Krause, President