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The World at Your Fingertips

RovinGreen, LLC is an international sourcing and distribution firm specializing in the creation of networks based upon relationship and trust.  Our international network focuses on environmentally compatible technologies for water purification, filtration, sanitization, and disinfection for the Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Food Processing, and other market sectors.


Experience is a key component RovinGreen brings to clients, as is the understanding of the unique relationship between matching the client’s needs to the right products and/or solutions available within the global market.


RovinGreen is an independent resource helping to design, source and private brand quality, sustainable products.  We identify and match the competency and qualifications of potential suppliers to the right distributors.  Our experience ensures clients procure a high quality, properly designed, engineered and manufactured product backed by long-term service and support.


Global Presence

RovinGreen, headquartered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has first tier relationships with hundreds of component suppliers worldwide including those within Asian markets.